Thursday, 22 May 2014

about a very tentative return to writing ...

Hello, stranger!  How have you been, then?  I fear that I have neglected you most dreadfully and that if anyone has visited you in the past 2 years & 3 months all they will have seen are blogs that I posted long ago.

Now, please don't start thinking that I've neglected you because of not liking you any more.  I like you hugely ... as far as blog spots ... you're ace.  And please don't think that I've neglected you because of being bone idle.  This wouldn't be accurate at all.  My idleness only goes skin deep and never gets as far as my bones.

So - why then have I seemingly ignored you?

Silly stuff really ... huge doubts about having anything interesting to say and even greater doubts about anyone actually wanting to read anything that isn't hyper interesting or, at very least, written with huge amounts of confidence.

I've left it far too long ... so, with several quite alarming trepidations, here I am writing to you again.  About what?

Well, nothing.  (That's not true).

Here's something.  Deep breath.  After the extraordinary comings and goings of MPs and, amongst them, the Culture Secretary, I came to the conclusion that sometimes the best woman for a government post might well be a man.  I could go further than that.  Many of the best jobs should be given to humans regardless of whether they're men or women or black or white or orange ... just humans. 

I wonder if less time was spent on being politically correct and ensuring that there are enough skirts on the front rows of all benches of the Commons if a government could actually get on with something that matters.

The News leaves me feeling absolutely helpless just now.  UK Rain, Ukraine, terrorism ... most of the time I feel like screaming. If only everyone would just leave everyone else alone.

And if only misogynists would try to bear in mind that none of them would actually exist if a woman hadn't schlepped them around in her stomach for 9 months prior to their birth, maybe they too could start to focus on something rather more worthwhile.

There ... 3 paragraphs about stuff other than my nervousness about returning to blogging.  Back in the day, I faithfully used to attempt one blog per week. Not sure I can do that any more - but I won't leave it AS long again.