Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Concise Crisis of Confidence

I’ve just glanced at my blog and realise that I’ve been spasmodically scribbling for 13 months now. I wonder why I thought I could write.

So much of what I’ve written seems trite, banal – even boring. Re-reading my self-conscious words, I wonder why I keep putting myself through this.

There are certain things I know I want to say and certain things that, to misquote Donald Rumsfeld, “I know that I know” but why on earth would I have the temerity to think that anyone would want to read about any of it?

I’ve had a too long break from writing “regularly” and my confidence seems to have completely deserted me ... not that there was much of it to start off with.

My son keeps telling my husband that I’m a writer. I’ll stick with it for a while longer. I would hate to disappoint him and, anyway, I don’t really know what else I would do in its place.


  1. I think what's important is that you write for you. Stats are unimportant. And whilst a conversation in comments is gratifying it shouldn't be the sole motivator. Blog writing is a habit which is easy to get out of ... keep at it flower ;)

  2. I agree with thoroughlygood, you should not write because someone else thinks that you should, write because and when you want to and, for that matter, about what you want to.

  3. Don't you DARE stop writing your blog - even when sporadic, it's one of the "MUST" items on my To Do list.

    (It's also good therapy, or so they tell me).

  4. Good comments above, just do what you need to