Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bewitched, Bloggered and Bewildered

Good morning from sunny Bournemouth. (Note to self: It would be entirely wrong of me to refer to my place of domicile as Catatonia by the Sea and I certainly wouldn't want to offend too many of Bournemouth's residents as they may come after me in their mobility vehicles).

So, this is my very first post. I created the account last night and then, due to a complete inability to understand anything technical, I found I couldn't actually sign into the blog to post anything! I am very easily confused by computers but fortunately some sweet friends on Twitter came to my rescue and I think I may have followed their advice (although I can't honestly be sure) as I find myself here on the dashboard!

I have at least four thousand things that I want to tell you - ranging from my depression regarding the current economic climate, my dismay and fear at the alarming increase in world terrorism to the more pressing and urgent issues concerning the European Ironing Mountain in my kitchen and at what stage in the week will I vacuum prior to my Dear Husband (hereinafter to be referred to as DH) returning from Berlin - would it be best to (a) get to grips with it today (b) whizz round with the Sebo just before he arrives home or (c) do both. Please advise and please note that (c) is NOT an option!

I wondered what I should write about when blogging but somehow I don't think I'm going to have too much of a problem and, as friends on Twitter will know, I do SO enjoy leaping in and offering a short burst of (often entirely irrelevant) opinion on most things!

But now, Eight Legs and wagging two tails are staring at me in a very hopeful manner and I must - after their confinement to the house during yesterday's torrential rains - take them for a muddy plod across the Common.

If I used every ounce of will power (and the WillpowerDaq is currently VERY low), I don't think I'll be able to help myself and I will be back later!


  1. Well done on your first blog! Hope the dog walking wasn't too muddy.

  2. Great start to what I'm sure will become a top blog in the blogosphere.
    I thought Bournemouth now has a youthful population - there were certainly lots of young people there the other week

  3. Welcome, welcome!! You made it - and look we can all see it too - so you must be doing *something* right hun!! ;-)

    I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and isn't it liberating not to be restricted to our little 140 boxes hey? ;-)

    Enjoy blogging and looking forward to your posts.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments! Heady stuff this blogging! I'm encouraged to continue!

  5. Wooo! 1 post in, and I'm hooked already. I really love your way with words. You crack me up! I will be back often to check up with you & see what your latest posts are saying. :-) Cheers to new bloggers!!

  6. I guess I am doing something wrong or I am missing something. My blog has followers but mainly thru word of mouth. I would appreciate more comments even if they say it's rubbish. How do people find blogs? I have seen myself on Google but I can't help thinking I missed an important step.

  7. A bit of shameless self-promotion. (Not something I admire myself for doing but until the blog is "established", the only way to get readers/comments is to get it "out there")! Email your friends, family inter alia and send them a link to your blog. Ask them to read it and tell them how pleased you'd be to receive comments or if they subscribed! x