Thursday, 26 March 2009

A little light lunacy to end the day

There is something about Twitter that occasionally makes me very naughty indeed.

I'm not usually a naughty person but every now and then, I simply can't help myself and I end up writing tweets that may cause the person reading them to believe that either I am being very serious or that I am entirely ga-ga. Ga-ga as in "founder member of the seriously barking mad society".

Earlier this week, I was surprised - nay, thrilled - to discover that I was being followed by @therightcast.

When I see someone new in my "follow box", my habit is to read their biography and, if they have a website, I take a peek at that, too. Oh, I hit lucky with @therightcast. It is a website advertising jobs for actors, singers, dancers and all things theatrical.

Marvellous, I thought. After nearly 53 years on this planet, SOMEONE has finally recognised my extraordinary talent. I thought, "I must tweet them immediately" - and I did.

I asked them if they were aware of any suitable singing and dancing jobs in the UK ... the following conversation ensued:

@RedMummy we have lots of casting notices online check them out: there might be a job waiting.

I followed their advice and, indeed, was happy to discover that there are going to be auditions for a new Disney stage production in London, so I wrote to them as follows:

@therightcast This is very good news. Could you recommend a voice coach so that I can apply for forthcoming UK Disney production as a singer

I eagerly awaited their response.

@RedMummy I don't know much about the voice scene in the UK, sorry.

Needless to say, I was rather upset at this minor setback and slightly aggrieved that they didn't know much about the "voice scene" but I'm an optimistic person and tweeted back ...

@therightcast I will make some enquiries of my own & revert to you when I can sing like Barbra Streisand.

I'm saddened and quite puzzled that they don't seem to be following me any longer.

It's not in my nature to be too downcast for too long and today I was followed by @DailyGay. Hooray! Now's my opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition. I welcomed them most politely and tweeted:

@dailygay I would like to apply to become a gay icon. Could you let me know if you have any vacancies?

At this point in time, I haven't heard back from them but I remain hopeful - and, of course, the minute I do hear from them, I shall blog about it to keep you up-to-date.

I wonder if Henry Root's on Twitter?


  1. Haha! Definitely naughty, I wonder how being naughty on twitter makes you feel?

    Hehe :)

  2. i think you are a bad cheeky tinkerbell. i will send naughty tweets right away.

  3. Totally brilliant! I am in awe and wonderment at your commmand of the British sense of humour. You are my new blogicon!

    Fabulous - please do more funny ones that make my muffin top wobble like jelly!

  4. Naughty is never far from my keyboard. I will get in serious trouble one day. Luckily the only reactions I get usually are "What?" or "Duh?". People just don't get us Brits. That's from someone who spent 15 years in LA. I never knew whether they were humoring me or just totally bemused.
    Clive xx

  5. I lost one of my two Swiss followers by making a, in my opinion only slightly naughty joke. Use of all the emoticons on this planet sometimes is not enough to save an already shaky relationship :-).

  6. Really "We are not amused"!
    But you are droll.
    Not sure about Henry Root but I bet Daisy Roots is on Twitter.
    Keep the blogs flowing :-)

  7. Encouraging me to be naughtier myself - particularly with respect to overly self-important twerps in meetings. :)